I Used To Love You

from by Stefan Boublil

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How many times have we put people on a pedestal only to be later disappointed by them. I did too, especially those three...


verse 1

Your silhouettes are cut so fine,
For yours or for your miu-miu line.
I'd read an article that said
forget the rent, give all your bread
For just one suit and shirt and shoes
Brand head to toe, who could refuse?
Your cuts they are incredible
The tech fabrics so flexible
But every season is the same
That's why I tire of your name.
Your collections, your runway
Shows you have little left to say.


Miuccia I gave you the best of my life,
And you threw it away,
Miuccia, I used to love you!

verse 2

I got to know your juicer first,
Where form and function were reversed.
You took the old and made it new,
When nobody else had a clue.
The changes you made are profound
Your accent never got you down.
Of the romantics, you are the king,
Because of the way you make the plastic sing.
But do we need another chair
To present at another fair?
Find something better to design,
Something that benefits mankind.


Philippe, I gave you the best of my life,
And you threw it away,
Philippe, I used to love you!


What happened everybody?
We gotta do more and talk less
We gotta live our lives before we do great work
We have to stop listening to people who tell us we're amazing!
Ugh... Alright,
Who's next?

verse 3

When E.T. went back up the skies,
The tears were flowing down my eyes.
You opened up the world to me,
A world of possibility.
Your tales of ordinary folks
Caught in extraordinary strokes
Inspired me to want to tell
My own stories and tell them well.
But then lost in a world you were
Told way too many times "Yes, sir!"
Now every new hero we meet
Feels like a new dead horse you beat.


Steven, I gave you the best of my life,
And you threw it away,
Steven, I used to love you!

(I used to love you…)

(Get Better…)


from The Pressure EP, track released July 1, 2014
(Music & lyrics by Stefan Boublil)
Lead Vocal: Stefan Boublil
Drums: Romain Joutard
Percussions: Adriano DD Ternorio
Bass: Jay Golden Jr.
Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synth and Hammond B3 Organ: Stephane "Pit" Le Navelan
Guitar: Thomas Gromaire
Flute: Romain Joutard
Background Vocals: Geraldine Etingue and Felicia L'Hadji, Stephane "Pit" Le Navelan and Stefan Boublil
Disenchanted: Natasha Chetiyawardana, Ryan Chetiyawardana, Melissa Locker, Gina Alvarez
Additional Keyboards: Stefan Boublil



all rights reserved


Stefan Boublil New York, New York

First Name: Stefan (Né Stéphane)
Middle Name(s): Franck, Joseph
Last Name: Boublil
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 Lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Designer, Author, Musician
D.O.B.: December 13th 1969
P.O.B.: Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France
Father: Alain Boublil, author (Musical Theater)
Mother: Françoise Pourcel, publisher (Classical Music)
Spouse: Gina Alvarez, Producer
Heirs: Zoel, Leeloo
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